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Achieve Uninterrupted Innovation with Maximum Patent Protection In the USA.

Oren Reches is a Patent Attorney registered to practice both in the US and in Israel

Reches Patents files and prosecutes patent applications directly in the USPTO, guaranteeing the shortest and most efficient process for obtaining a US Patent, including filing an initial provisional application where needed.

We have years of experience in all facets of pre-grant and post-grant patent prosecution, including conducting successful interviews with examiners to obtain allowances.  We specialize in tailoring claims to provide the broadest protection based on the essential elements of the technology.

We are proud of the tremendous success we have had in obtaining granted software patents and/or AI-related invention patents for our clients. Our firm’s approval rate exceeds 80% for Granted Patents in the USPTO.  

From initial invention to drafting correctly structured claims, we will help you obtain a granted patent in the USA quickly and easily.

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