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Trademarks & Designs

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Trademarks and designs are pivotal in distinguishing your products or services in a crowded market and protecting your brand identity.

These are additional protection tools in the framework of holistic intellectual property protection which play an important role alongside patent protection.

Trademarks can encompass anything from logos and slogans to unique sounds and colors, offering a way to connect products directly to their makers. Designs, on the other hand, protect the aesthetic aspects of a product, contributing to its uniqueness and commercial success while guarding against imitations.

Both trademarks and designs play a crucial role in building and maintaining a strong market presence, making their protection vital for any business.

Reches Patents offers specialized services to ensure your intellectual assets are fully protected:

  • Trademark Registration and Strategy: Guidance on registering trademarks, leveraging both registered and well-known unregistered trademarks for broader protection. We handle the entire application and registration process and advise on strategic use to maintain and extend protection.


  • Design Protection: Expertise in navigating the Israeli Design Law of 2018, we support individuals, companies, and startups through the design registration process, including ensuring your design meets all legal requirements.

  • Enforcement and Legal Support: Assistance in enforcing trademarks and designs, including handling oppositions and litigation, compensation claims without proof of damage. We also offer services for canceling improperly registered designs or trademarks.

  • IP Strategy Consultation: Tailored advice on building a cohesive intellectual property strategy that aligns with your business goals, including how to effectively manage and protect your trademarks and designs within your overall intellectual property portfolio.

Reches Patents is committed to ensuring that your brand and product designs are not only protected but strategically positioned for commercial success.

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