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International Trademark

If you want to register a trademark in many countries it can be done through the Madrid Protocol.

The Madrid Protocol has defined an excellent system for registering trademarks in many countries. Its main advantage is that it is much cheaper and simpler than filing trademark applications in each country. In some cases, it also greatly eases the state examination, and sometimes even obviates the need for the services of local lawyers.

Registration of an international application is carried out in several stages: filing a local application, filing an international application (specifying the relevant countries where the trademark is requested), and examining the local and international application in the local country and in the relevant countries. 

An applicant must have a geographic affinity to the country in order to file the local application in that country. For example, a company with operations in Israel or a company registered in Israel can file a local application in Israel. Submission of the local application begins the process of examining the application at the local office. The Israeli Patent Office usually responds within a few months of the local application. 

The international application is based on the local application, and it is recommended to file it up to six months from the date of filing the application. The international application specifies the relevant countries in which the trademark is to be registered – and fees are paid accordingly.

After filing the international application, an examination procedure begins in all relevant countries. Trademark registrars in the relevant countries examine the international application. Different registrars can come to different conclusions.

A trademark registrar in a relevant country who approved the application obviates the continuation of the application in that country, which greatly simplifies the examination process.

In a country where the trademark registrar produced an objection to the trademark, you must respond to the objection, usually using a local lawyer. 

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