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Patents are all about securing your competitive edge.

A patent safeguards an invention, offering the owner a competitive edge. This includes barring competitors from replicating the idea of the product or a service, shielding against infringement lawsuits, enhancing business valuation for financial ventures, fostering a reputation for innovation that attracts talent, and generating revenue through licensing or sale.


  • Filing

Our advantage lies in supplying maximum patent protection with minimal business interruption by skillfully pinpointing and securing the critical technical and commercial advantage or solution of your invention.

We specialize in assisting in harvesting innovation and drafting valuable patent applications, from a provisional patent application to a full patent covering the technological aspects of the inventions, its problem-solving capabilities, and advantages, culminating in precisely defined claims for legal protection. We craft claims with varying scopes to ensure broad, effective protection that do not overlap prior knowledge or any other granted patents.

Reches Patents specializes in drafting system, method, and software claims to target different types of patent infringements, whether it's against manufacturers, service providers, or software marketers.

Our comprehensive services streamline your patent journey, starting with preliminary searches to confirm your innovation is unique, boosting the strength of your application.

  • Prosecution

After skillfully defining a strategy, we assist with the process of prosecuting the patent by filing it in all relevant jurisdictions around the world through a network of associates.  We assist by navigating through examination stages and responding to any objections, to secure a granted patent for you.

The patent examination process, varying from a few months to several years, involves navigating through objections from the patent office and providing strategic responses. Upon successful examination, the patent owner is granted the patent, with an ongoing commitment to pay renewal fees to maintain its validity in all the requested jurisdictions.

  • Litigation

Reches Patents is highly experienced in supporting its clients in patent enforcement and defense, including adversarial proceedings before various patent offices and before various courts.

Our firm has unmatched expertise in complex intellectual property proceedings which together with a comprehensive knowledge of complex technologies, and a strategic approach, culminates in effective defense for our clients.

Reches Patents is adept in defending clients in adversarial proceedings before the Israel Patent Office (ILPO) as well.

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