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Intellectual Property Strategy

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Reches Patents specializes in comprehensive intellectual property strategy services, catering to the unique needs of tech companies and startups.

Offering strategies that protect the core of innovation. From a robust intellectual property portfolio to a single safeguarded trade secret, trademark, or design, we see the entire picture and provide a strategic plan using the best tools in our toolbox to maintain a vital competitive edge, protecting the company's intellectual property assets, and ensuring, if required, investor confidence.

We offer:

  • Intellectual Property Strategy Consultation: Tailored advice on when and how to protect your innovations, including assisting in harvesting inventions and ensuring your intellectual property assets are protected using a variety of tools including patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and designs.  Making sure your strategy aligns with your business objectives.

  • Patent Strategy and Filing:  Drafting and filing patent applications, even before a working prototype exists, to secure early protection for your ideas. Building a strategy of where and when to file and a prosecution strategy that is beneficial to each patent.

  • Trade Secret Management: Manage strategies for protecting valuable, confidential business information without the need for public disclosure. Proactively safeguard intellectual property assets and minimize exposure of additional people to the company’s intellectual property assets. 

  • Trademark and Design Registration: Services to protect your brand identity, including trademarks and unique product designs, enhancing your market position. Often, patent strategy calls for added protection through Trademark and Design registration, adding another layer to your Intellectual Property protection. 

  • Worldwide Intellectual Property Protection: Strategic planning on where to file and prosecute your intellectual property, focusing on major markets and competitor ‘watch’ actions to maximize your intellectual property's value and enforceability.

  • Intellectual Property Portfolio Management and Investment Advice: Expertise in balancing the costs of intellectual property protection against its commercial value, ensuring a cost-effective strategy for your precise business.


Our firm's approach combines strategic planning with smart decision-making, empowering you to leverage your intellectual property for competitive advantage and growth

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