The team


Oren Reches, lawyer and patent attorney registered in Israel and the United States.

Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor’s Degree in Law from Tel Aviv University. Graduate of a mediation course at Tel Aviv University. Inventor, lecturer. Author of “Trade Secrets and Restriction of Occupation”. Served as the in-house Patent Attorney for  Applied Materials, BigBand Networks, KereniX, INVO and Motorola Semiconductor. Has extensive experience in protecting intellectual property rights, expert opinions, preparing patent applications, working with Patent Offices and the Courts. Member of the Bar Association, Association of Israel Patent Attorneys, AIPPI and SEL



Eran Reches, Consultant in the field of Chemistry and Energy

PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Cincinnati.
Nearly a decade of experience in the oil and fuel industries in this country and abroad, as a researcher and as the implementer of products and new technologies dealing with fuel, oil and various additives, improving performance and responsibility for technologies of lubricant and fuel products



Liran Reches, Consultant in the field of Medical Instruments.

Master's Degree in Medicine from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Studying for a Master’s Degree in Medicine.


Dekel Reches, Consultant in the field of cybersecurity